Do You Love Good Food? You’ve Come to the Right Place!

Here at Samis & Company Meat Products, we love good food too! And we insist on the best, locally raised food. You can’t have a delicious melt-in-your-mouth steak without the perfect cut of Alberta beef! And it helps to have some cooking techniques and recipes to go along with it, so we’re bringing those right to you.

Connecting Food Lovers with Local Food Producers

Samis Meats Local Farmers

Why buy your meat from big retail outlets that source their protein from huge slaughterhouses around the world? Wouldn’t you rather support Alberta farmers and buy directly from them?

That used to be difficult because our farmers are busy farming—not setting up retail shops! So, we established Samis & Company Meat Products to connect Albertan farmers to Albertan consumers who love premium fresh food at a competitive price.

You deserve the freshest, best quality meats from local farmers who care about what they grow and who they feed. That’s exactly what you get when you buy from Samis Meats.

Using our distributor Meat Direct, you can order online for same or next-day delivery in Grande Prairie, the Peace Region, and across Alberta.

We’ve made the connections so you can love good, local food.

Featured Local Farm: Ridge Valley Hutterite Poultry Farm

Ridge Valley Hutterite Poultry Farm logo

One of the (many) great things about sourcing meat from local farmers is that we get to see first-hand how much care for the animals and our environment goes into every product. Ridge Valley Hutterite Poultry Farm is a great example of this.

What began in 1975 as a small operation to provide quality poultry to their neighbours has become a fairly large business. But the Ridge Valley Hutterites still keep to the values of animal welfare they designated when they began.

Ridge Valley Hutterite Chickens

All of the poultry are raised to be free from hunger and thirst, discomfort, pain, injury or disease, free to express normal behaviour, and free from fear and distress. The poultry are fed only locally grown feed without hormones, and boy, do those hens love to run around in the yard!

You can taste the difference that good care makes when you enjoy the final product. We know that in massive factory poultry farms the owners never have any contact with their animals, but over at Ridge Valley, they’re out there every day making sure their animals are taken care.

That’s just one more reason why we love connecting local farmers with local families just like yours. Because they raise the best, and you deserve to enjoy the best.